10 Practices of Personal Sustainability, The Savvy Person’s Guide to Conscious Living.


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“Marilyn Taylors’ new book “10 Practices of Personal Sustainability: The Savvy Person’s Guide to Conscious Living” is both appealing and profound. Her use of the term sustainability, meaning how well we maintain or withstand change and adversity, is novel and reflects the new challenges of this century that we each have to navigate in order to have a healthy, fulfilled life. She encourages us to “slow down” so that we are conscious of our decisions, our priorities, and our longings. She has developed 10 very comprehensive, yet simple practices that support having joy and well-being in your life, each with a series of short exercises to help you to make conscious life choices. This book is easy-to-use, lovely to look at, and filled with wisdom. You will want to keep this powerful book handy and pull it out whenever you feel stressed or off your game. Marilyn’s soothing words and direct guidance will ease your mind and get you back to center. This book is a wonderful gift for people you love!”

Gail McMeekin, LICSW, CEO of Creative Success LLC, and author of the best-selling books “The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women” and “The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women” and “The Power of Positive Life Choices.”

“Kudos on pulling this book together!  I found the guidebook to be brilliantly organized and user friendly,, authentically written (WooHoo!).  Practices 3 & 6 especially speak to me right now.  I do believe that your effort will create a beautiful ripple effect as those who connect with it (book) are moved to practice.”

Mary Green, Instructor of Kripalu Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation

“I am SO psyched that I bought your book. Today, my break buddy and I made a commitment to do the breathing exercise 2 times per day….WHAT a difference that alone made to my workday! Just wanted to say thank you!”

E.G. Grafton, MA.

“So simple, yet so provocative.”

Susan May Strong, School Administrator